legacy of philanthropy

“I always felt driven to ensure that children have a good future ahead of them.”

Klaus J. Jacobs

In 1989, Klaus Jacobs established the Jacobs Foundation, a private non-profit organization, as the sole economic beneficiary of Jacobs Holding.

The Jacobs Foundation has the goal of improving the education and development of children around the world.

legacy of philanthropy

Commitment to Social Change

To date, the Jacobs Foundation has invested more than CHF 840M in the future of young people making it one of the world’s leading charitable foundations.

We are investing in the future of young people to become socially responsible and productive members of society — providing them with positive development and equitable access to education. No matter their background, place of residence, or family income, all children should have the chance to reach their full potential.

In honor of its founder, the Jacobs Foundation has, since 2009, awarded two annual prizes, endowed with CHF 1.2M, for exceptional achievements in research and practice within child and youth development.

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